blip: bad day emergency preparedness


This is one of those weeks I find myself digging ever deeper into my Mary Poppins-esque carpet bag of tricks to combat the doldrums. Everyone should have a bad day strategy. I also recommend a shitty week emergency plan and also a life crisis survival kit. And what precisely does one pack in ones preparedness bunker for inevitable craptastic times?

A spoon full of sugar does help the medicine go down. I like gummy bears in my stash because they won’t melt and will stay fresh probably through a nuclear war. I’ve also heard tell of emergency hoarded Nutella, chocolate of all descriptions, twinkies and ho ho’s, cookies. Alcohol is pretty much pure sugar, but be sure you aren’t at risk for pesky dependency issues before using a wine bottle for SOS drinking, please.

Once sugar for the body is procured, find something sweet to soothe your mind, emotions, and spirit. 911 bible verses to call upon. Photographs, memories, this might be the place to keep your thankfulness journal. Counting blessings helps. It truly does. Make a list of things you love and cling to that list on dark days. High on the list for me is anything artistic. Cooking, painting, crafting, coloring in a coloring book, sketching, writing a poem: there is power in art and also healing. Today I was able to recover from a nose dive with the help of the art work of my children. You can see in the photo above some passionate renderings of their heroes: Star Wars, X-Men, Harry Potter, The Incredible Hulk. There is such enthusiasm and unadulterated fun in these crayon creations, it’s impossible for a heart to be downcast looking at the awesome little drawings.

So let this be your cue to prepare a battle plan to combat the Armageddon of a really bad day or a grey streak in your life. Don’t be defenseless in such an attack: know your emergency exits. Know how to put on the oxygen mask and use your seat as a flotation device. Know that the antidote for evil days is usually the truest joys of your heart. And a Reese’s peanut butter cup doesn’t hurt either. And of course a hug, go get you one of those immediately. Here’s a virtual hug to tide you over. ((<3))


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