tip: don’t blog in bed

I’m desperate to maintain my “nablopomo” writing streak. I have had all day to come up with something charming to offer the world, some gem of insight, something new, shiny, and useful. Somehow I managed not to blog until these, my foggy final waking moments of the day. I have nothing to say. I have nothing to say.

Except for this: don’t wait to do your thing until you “have time” on a busy day. It won’t happen. Having time is a myth, nobody has it. You make time by having priorities. This sounds like something you could have learned on Leave it to Beaver, but you had to read it here in the twilight of my public blog about nothing shame. I will do better tomorrow. I will not blog bleary eyed and smeary thumbed on my smart phone in a half stupor. I will make a better choice. Tomorrow is another day.



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