blip: bye bye ms. american pie

Waiting around for election results is the perfect time to rant about the fallen nature of America. So many hearts are bursting with patriotism, yet my heart is mourning the death of America, the idea. How many ways in 200 something years have we violated the ideal? Compromise. Comfort. Committing all real citizenry to “professional” politicians. We are not for the people or by the people anymore. It’s a game, big business, a sad and cliche spectacle: come witness the mockery. A once free flying and majestic eagle is now an annoying macaw doing parlor tricks for the crackers of special interest. Here we are now: entertain us! Give us food, give us medicine, give us a show and we will in turn give over all ethics and control, all personal responsibility, all accountability, all adherence to universal standards of right. Give us bread and circuses, and we will give away our right to judge whether government is serving the people. We are Rome. And we are crashing down.

So bye bye ms. American pie. Drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry. The good old boys are drinking whiskey in leather chairs in a back room somewhere: the power elite. They don’t represent you. And they don’t give a fuck about me. They care about themselves. I suggest that we care about each other because we will soon find ourselves at the mercy of a morally bankrupt rule in a nation so evenly and bitterly divided that civil war and riotous unrest await. Intrigue and bloodshed await. Riots. Wars. Suffering. Want to know our future? Read. Roman. History.



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