tip: pumpkin flavor anything

Just noticed today that I have accumulated a whopping 200 pumpkin inspired recipes on my Pinterest board.  That’s heavy duty.  How many of them have I actually prepared?  Probably twenty, tops.  Pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin chili, pumpkin pasta, pumpkin BBQ to name a few.  And they were all delicious. Even now as I type, the ingredients for pumpkin snicker doodles are lined up on the counter, next on the morning’s to-do list.  I’m affectionately calling them “Punker-Doodles”.  Good times with squash.  *chuckle*

I’m shamelessly promoting that prize pumpkin recipe hoard on the blog today.  Go and take a looky loo.  Love pumpkin? This link is the song of your people.  http://pinterest.com/mamac0ley/pumpkin-mania/

As yet unimpressed with the fall pumpkin food fad?  Why? Too mainstream? Too Charlie Brown? Too grossed out by the mushy sight and earthy aroma of canned pumpkin to join the party?  I bet you 100$ that even if you think you hate pumpkin with a white hot wrath, there is a recipe on this board you would actually like.  Don’t make me go airplane spoon on you.  Try the pumpkin, the pretty pretty pumpkin!

And while you’re scrolling through the various and sundry flavor combinations, might I remind you that these recipes are only suggestions.  Inspirations. Blueprints needing your own personal detailing. You could add pumpkin to anything.  I’m not saying it always comes out tasting awesome (ask me about my pumpkin, bacon, beer dip FAIL), but it’s fun to play and discover.  Jump on the pumpkin wagon with me people!  I’ll scoot over and make room 🙂


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