BLIP: Ode To An Ice Cream Sandwich

O, Ice cream sandwich, thou confoundeth me.  Thy chocolate wafer melteth on my fingers, thy creamy ice milk stingeth deep in my skull as I crammeth you into my face before you mucketh up my T-shirt.   Alas.

I love the taste of a good old-fashioned ice cream sandwich.  It’s like cookies and cream forged into a uniform brick of goodness all wrapped up in waxy paper that never seems to peel off with convenience or ease.  By the time you get to the good part on a hot summer day, the beloved ice cream sandwich usually becomes a ticking time bomb of mushiness, oozing down wrists, smudging chins, leaking onto clothing, leaving a trail of horrifying stickiness in its wake.  O, the mess!  O, the humanity!

Maybe I have some kind of disorder that makes me stress out about messy ice cream, whatever.  But if the pressure of eating ice cream sandwiches is also too much for you, may I present a calming and sanitary alternative: the ice cream sandwich cake.  You eat it with a fork.  Latex gloves optional. 🙂



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