BLIP: Savory Oatmeal Breaks It Down And Keeps It Real

Maybe I’m the last person on the food trend train to hear about savory oatmeal, but let me tell you, it has really messed with my head.  Oatmeal is near the top on my list of the ten nastiest foods ever.  Merely thinking about it triggers the gag reflex.  Being forced to eat it at various day care centers is a scarring memory from my childhood.  Is it a breakfast or an adhesive?  It smells bad.  It tastes worse.  The texture, O, the texture…..*gag*

Yet, they are calling it “sexy”.  They are comparing it to risotto.  They are eating it for lunch in hip restaurants, and I am missing out because of my unwillingness to let oatmeal out of the pigeon hole.  Maybe (just maybe) I need to have an open mind and give oatmeal a chance.  Maybe such an act would be so freeing that it would inspire me to rethink the other stereotypes I stubbornly hold to.  Maybe eating savory oatmeal will make me a better person.  Or, maybe it’ll make me barf.

Either way, you should challenge yourself to look at something for which you hold severe disdain in a new light and find a way to enjoy it.  Or at least try to.

Here’s to you, savory oatmeal, for freeing my mind.



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