BLIP: Awesome Moments In Sandwich History

Once in a long while I will make a sandwich that parts the heavens, a sandwich enshrined in golden mist, a sandwich awesome enough to be serenaded by angels.  Or at the very least, a sandwich that jolts me out of my lunch rut and makes me want to both embrace and affectionately smack the people around me with a crusty baguette.  This. Is. That. Sandwich.

Turkey, Brie, and Orange Marmalade with Arugula on French Bread

Just gather up your ingredients, no self-respecting sandwich arteest actually measures anything.  Slice up and divide in half pieces of a baguette or some other crusty bakery roll of your choosing (ciabatta would be divine.)  Spread bread liberally with orange marmalade. Brie usually comes in a wheel, slice it fairly thin and layer it on, rind and all.  Pile up the turkey of your choice atop the brie.  Smoked turkey adds another level of complexity to enchant your palate.  Sprinkle with the peppery green stuff.  That would be arugula.  And there you have it.  The immaculate luncheon.  *ahhhhhhhh*


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