BLIP: Gauchos Are Cowboys Who Wear Ninja Knickers.

Sadly, Gauchos have failed to create a niche market for themselves in the realm of our collective American adventure story fascination the same way that pirates, ninjas, space travelers, knights, and cowboys from the wild west have.  I think it’s because people can’t look past the pants.  From the waist up, a gaucho is pure grit and grizzle.  But what is he wearing on the bottom half?

Well anyway, a Gaucho is basically a South American cowboy.  You may have seen men dressed up like this in Brazilian steak houses holding enormous skewers of fire roasted meat, and unfortunately, that is what a gaucho has now come to be associated with.  Not toughness.  Not romance and the spirit of adventure.  But enormous skewers of fire roasted meat.

Here’s to the gaucho, that dying enigma in confused looking culottes.  Honor his memory by making something delicious and meaty.

I recommend this:  http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/bistec-argentino-al-chimichurri-steak-with-chimichurri-sauce-10000001094614/


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