TIP: Respect. The. Mom.

The first thing you need to know about me: I am pro-mom.  Before we go mining through the ether for every little secret on how to improve the slightest nuance of your existence, let’s start with the  obvious.   As in your very origin.

You are only here sucking down oxygen today because your mom made that possible.  You’ll never fully understand the sacrifices and dirty work she endured to procreate and raise you, so don’t bother.  Even if your mom was totally belligerent and neglectful, you still owe her  respect for bringing you into this world.  You’ll find it will always go better for you in this life if you (say it with me now) Respect. The. Mom. 

How to accomplish this?  Putting just a slight amount of effort into showing your mom you (A.) remember she is alive (B.) appreciate all she has done for you (C.) want to do something nice for her and it isn’t even a holiday and (D.) realize the amazing fact that she somehow, against all odds, managed to raise a considerate human being will yield tremendous returns on your time investment.  In this era of the flagging American dollar, mommy points may prove to be a more valuable commodity to invest in and store up, here’s a quick list of easy things you can do RIGHT NOW TODAY to rack up major mommy points:

*send a free e-card

*call her with plenty of time to let her talk about whatever she wants

*come over and clean something

*take her somewhere beautiful

*If she nags you simply say “you are right” (magically ends nagging)

*sit quietly with her and “just be”

There is no “one size fits all” gesture for expressing love and appreciation to any woman, so keep your mom’s individual likes in mind for optimal impact.  This is a spring board to inspire you to come up with your own tailored ways that cultivate a habit of maintaining one of your most valuable and important relationships.  Your mom gave up a little piece of herself most likely in the process of bringing up kids.  The most meaningful thing you can offer her is to acknowledge that fact.  Making much of yo’ mama on a regular basis does something deep and magical for her, but it also adds a level of self fulfillment in your soul that can’t be had elsewhere.

I hope it goes without saying MEN that the mother of your children deserves all the respect in the world and more and you should honor and appreciate her as you would your own mum.  Why not take it one step further and celebrate all moms you know, or even total stranger moms you encounter in your daily outings?  Nothing fuels up the mother ship like a positive comment from a passer by:

*what a beautiful baby!

*wow, you’re doing a great job with those kids!

*you have so much patience, I admire that  (great one for the mom whose kid is melting down in public)

*or even just smiling warmly at a mom out with her brood

I can’t think of a more ancient, more demanding, and more thankless vocation than motherhood.   Respect it.  Respect. The. Mom.


2 Responses to “TIP: Respect. The. Mom.”

  1. 1 Amanda O'Connor
    June 15, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    Good stuff….the “you’re spoiled, you’re selfish, you suck” made me laugh out loud 😀 Please keep writing!

  2. 2 Michele
    June 16, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    Man. Feeling a little guilty right now. Guess I should go call my mom. 🙂

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